The CMRM Advantage

Not all vasectomy reversal experts are created equal, in the same way that not all NBA basketball players have the same skill level. While it’s true that they’ve got to be good to make the league, there are still only a few “all-stars” each season.

How do you know you’ve found an “all-star” practice at CMRM?

1) Dr. Werthman’s creativity in the operating room and focused attention to minute detail: Making the vasectomy reversal operation even better, yet in half the time. This is among the most important reasons why our patients tend to have a superior post-operative experience, quicker recovery and fewer complications than those who have gone with other surgeons. 

2) Patient care is Dr. Werthman’s PRIMARY Focus: While he believes that research and education are important, Dr. Werthman isn’t interested in simply padding his resume. He endeavors to spend the vast majority of his time with patients – conversing with them in his office, caring for them in the exam room and completely focused on them in the operating room. Another benefit of this intense patient focus is Dr. Werthman’s ability to treat many more patients in the clinical setting – honing his experience and allowing him to create groundbreaking innovations that have changed the way other surgeons practice medicine including:

The quality and purpose of clinical advancements put forth by Dr. Werthman in the surgical care and treatment of the vasectomy reversal patient are unsurpassed. That is because he doesn’t do them for the spotlight or the glory. He does them because they are the absolute best for the patient.

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