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Miracle Babies

Dear Dr. Werthman,

Thank you for your service to my family. 2 years ago, you performed a reversal on me, 15 yrs after the original vasectomy. We waited 1 yr to start trying due to professional obligations. After 3 months of effort, (hardly the right word for it, ha ha), success was achieved and I sit here with a beautiful daughter in my arms. My wife and I thank you for helping us achieve this blessed occasion.

— K.M.

Dear Dr. Werthman,

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude. You performed a vasectomy reversal on my husband Will in early December of 2012. We began trying to conceive in February (2013). Despite telling myself to disregard the myths about reversals, I had some lingering worries about our chances of success, given that the original vasectomy had been performed over 13 years ago and having passed my 35th birthday. . .by May we were expecting!! Our baby girl is due early next year. As I sit here, she is diligently wriggling away. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are for your skilled work and the gift you have made possible! From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!

With deepest gratitude,

Catie and Will Finley

Dr. Werthman,

Needless to say, but you’re awesome. Thank you!

Eric & Cheri B.

Dr. Werthman,

This letter comes to you with great joy. We welcomed our baby girl into the world on August 16th at 4:04 am. Her name is Regina Lee Roberts and her nickname is Reggie reggiePeople are always amazed when they hear our story. How I went through five IVF’s and my poor husband had three painful extractions to obtain semen. Being told by our fertility doctors that a reversal would likely not result in conception due to the length of his vasectomy, 16 years and his body would produce anti sperm antibodies. Boy were they wrong… Thank you Dr. Werthman for your steady hands, superior knowledge in your field and confidence. I think you yourself were surprised when we called to inform you the good news that we were pregnant after only 33 days post surgery. When typically we were told it could take anywhere from three months to a year. Again thank you!! I know you have a lot of patients but I thought you would enjoy hearing from us. Sincerely,

Alida, wife to Douglas R. Jr.

I write this letter only in small part to thank Dr. Werthman and his supporting personnel- my main motivation is to help the next person in need of a great urologist.

Before finding and settling on Dr. Werthman, I spoke and met with numerous other doctors (also of high repute I should add) about a reconnection and especially a solution to my post -vasectomy pain (vasectomy performed at family planning 2009) which was a complicated matter not due to the usual causes. Most did not listen at all, others even suggested frighteningly unnessesary procedures. With each new doctor, I only felt worse about my predicament.

Had I not through good fortune found myself in the office of Dr.Werthman, I doubt my nightmare would have been alieviated. From beginning to end my experience with Dr. Werthman was a pleasant one. His office staff have been with him a long time and their experience comes through. My consultation with the doctor himself was a meeting with a human being who cared about my individual case, not the usual sit-down with a distant expert selling skills and procdures. In response to my questioning Dr. Werthman spoke positively of his proffession, and I got the sense that his daily work takes on more the aspect of a life mission. He was the only one who during the initial exam identified the probable cause of pain and proposed a solution that made sense.

Later, during a successful recconnection Dr Werthman indeed took care of the problem which he had previously diagnosed correctly. Several hours afterward he called me personally to check on my well-being- I was pleased to report that all was well and that with only an ice pack the post-op pain meds were surprisingly unnessesary.

I should mention also that the top-notch facility where the work was performed, Specialty Surgical Center of Wilshire, employs a team of personnel that made me feel exceedingly well cared for, not soley for their proffessionalism, but also because of a disarmingly warm bedside manner which although unnexpected was very much appreciated. To the patient (which was me!) everything matters, and it was a great comfort to see that everything mattered to them as well.

I now feel as if I had a new lease on life, like a trapped animal newly freed, and in some small way reborn. My deepest heart-felt thanks to Dr Werthman and everyone involved in ensuring the success of the operation and the end of a dismal three-year ordeal. This is what good western medicine is all about, and I trully feel blessed for having recieved it.

I am aware that testimonials generally consist of only a few lines and sometimes read like book-review hype, and surely any that contain high praise for Dr.Werthman are certain to be true. However, I chose instead to offer a more detailed and personal account of my experience so that others might have the good fortune to arrive at the same decision that served me so well. Normally I think I would have ended this by saying ‘take care and good luck to you’, but if you have already found Dr. Werthman then that may be all the care and luck you need. So instead I will only say: take it easy, relax- you really are in the best of hands. Sincerely,

Eric, Aug 2012

Just wanted to say Ten Million thank you’s from Jonna and I. Thank God he made people like you. When everyone told her, your eggs are old, not a chance. You said “No Problem, we can reverse you”. Well our little Angel, Coco Marie was born at 6:34am today. God Bless you!

Rob +Jonna Dibble(Rob: 1990 Major League Baseball NCLS Most Valuable Player 1990, 1991 MLB All-Star, 1990 World Series Winning Pitcher, Cincinnati Reds)

Thank you so much for the surgery you did on my husband. It is such a blessing to have a child of our own. My husband has good genes and it would be a shame to waste them. We will probably go for a second child soon so we will let you know how that turns out also. Thanks again!


Dr Werthman is by far the best doctor I have ever seen for any reason. My husband suffers from chronic testicular pain that had remained undiagnosed for 3 years by the army. In less than 5 minutes Dr Werthman gave my husband a diagnosis, and within 3 days my husband was FIXED. We owe everything to this man and I cannot say enough to express my gratitude. Worth every penny. If you have any problems with your male reproductive “parts” , then go see Dr Werthman. You will not find any better. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!Extemely wonderful, he treated me with compassion and sincerity. He is highly trained and fully committedd to his work in helping people to fulfill their dreams in becomming parents. I woudl recommend him to anybody!


Dear Dr. Werthman (Phil):

I would like to first start off thanking you for all the help you provided me in getting back to feeling myself again! If you recall, I was suffering from Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome back in November of 2005 when I contacted you. After speaking to you via email/phone, as well as speaking with one of your formal patients who suffered from the same syndrome, and doing extensive research, I decided to fly out to CA to have the reversal procedure done. It was the best decision I ever made.It has been almost exactly 1 year since the surgery (January 24, 2006) and I feel 100% better. It took awhile (around 7 months) before I felt considerably better, but now I am able to do all the things I used to do before my vasectomy in November of 2004. I would like to sincerely thank you for all that you did for me. You showed considerable compassion/patience while answering all my post-surgery emails, getting me in touch with former patients (David and James) and talking me through this life changing procedure. If you ever have a patient that would like to talk to any of your former patients, please don’t hesitate to call me. I would be delighted to talk to them about my experience with you and your entire organization (Jim included). You run an extremely impressive practice, and I can’t say enough about my whole experience. Please let me know if you ever need anything.


Dear Dr. Werthman,

I am pleased to announce the arrival of my son, Brendon Hayes, born on December 9th, 2006! I wanted to write to thank you for all your help – you performed a vas reversal on me in early 2002. My wife and I were married in February 2005 and now have our first child. It would not have been possible with out your help, and we sincerely thank you for that. Happy Holidays!

Troy A. Haes, Ph.D., P.E.

Dr. Werthman,

Marshall and I wanted you to be one of the first to know that the vasoepididymostomy that you performed on him in May 2005 was a success! I am 5 weeks pregnant with due date of July 16 2007. I researched and was so lucky to find you and your staff. It was a bit overwhelming to make the trip there and especially back from Memphis but it was all worth it. You and your staff returned every call and answered all of our questions. It wasn’t as though you did the surgery ,got paid, and it is over from there. Instead, you showed concern and was always there for us. You have no idea how much this means to us. Thank you for touching our lives and allowing a dream of ours to come true.

Angel Talley

Dear Dr. Werthman,

Thank you for your skill and experience in helping bring our daughter into this world. We will be eternally grateful for giving us this wonderful miracle.

Hitash, Sungita And Anissa P.

Dr. Werthman,

We just wanted to share another success story with you. We came to you for surgery on November 8, 2005, and after a pain-free and easy 1 month recovery, we started trying in mid-December and were pregnant right away (40 weeks starting Dec 29). Braden William was born 10 days early on Sept 26, 2006, and we couldn’t be happier with our new bundle of joy!

Thank you so much for helping us to complete our family and we would happily recommend your practice to anyone seeking another chance to complete theirs.

Derek & Misty S., Virginia

Just wanted to say Ten Million thank you’s from Jonna and I. Thank God he made people like you. When everyone told her, your eggs are old, not a chance. You said “No Problem, we can reverse you”. Well our little Angel, Coco Marie was born at 6:34am today. God Bless you!

We wanted to send you a picture of Cooper Douglas Lawrence. He was born on May 12, 2006. He weighed 7 lbs 5 ounces and was 21 inches long. Cooper and Suzanne are doing great! They both came home just 24 hours after his birth.

The reversal obviously worked after over 20 years since my vasectomy.

Another happy ending!!

Randy And Suzanne

Dear Dr. Werthman,

We’re writing you this belated thank you for your excellent work. When we first contacted you, I was a second year medical student at Syracuse Health Science Center, and Paul was a forensic pathologist for Onondaga County. We traveled from Syracuse to Los Angeles in November 2002 for a bilateral vasovasostomy. Early in 2005, we succeeded in becoming pregnant and recently gave birth to a full-term healthy boy, Gabriel Yoon G., on December 14.

Thank you so much for your excellent work. We appreciate the difference you have made in our lives!

Paul G.

Dear Dr. Werthman,

You will soon have another vasectomy reversal success baby to add to your photo wall. Reversal was performed on April 1, 2005, we started trying a little early on April 25th, conceived around last week in June, (within 2 months), and due date is March 17, 2006, although might come a little early. Baby is healthy and all is well so far. Will let you when our baby boy arrives. We have discussed this being our last child, although we would like some information on sperm retreival and storage just in case. I want to have you perform my vasectomy soon after the baby is born. I am counting on this being painless and as easy as the reversal. I had no pain or complications whatsoever on the reversal. You will be highly recommended by myself. Please email or forward us some information and pricing on vasectomy and sperm storage. Please update your records with the information below. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you.

Doug S.

Dr. Werthman,

Thank you for our best Chrismas present ever! You were able to reverse David’s vasectomy after 17 years and we conceived almost a year to the date of surgery. Little Alex was born full term, happy and healthy. Couldn’t have done it without you and we will be forever grateful. All the Best

Dosusan, David And Alexandra

Dear Dr. Werthman,

My husband, Martin P., came to you for a vasectomy reversal Feb. of 1999. The surgery was a complete success and we have been blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy. I don’t know how I can even begin to tell you how grateful we are to you. You are an amazing doctor and because of you we were able to have a child. It is such an incredible thing to go from the fear of never having a child to hoping the surgery will be a success to disbelief that it actually worked. You make peoples dreams come true. Having a child is an amazing, wonderful thing. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to experience that together. Our love and thanks always

Martin And Erika P.

Dr. Werthman,

In Feb 99’ you did a vasectomy reversal on my husband. The surgery was successful and we had a baby boy in Aug 00’. After Zackery we decided that was it for us-our family was complete. Well, three years later we are blessed with a beautiful baby girl. She was our little surprise, but absolutely loved none the less. We were pretty amazed that four years after his surgery we conceived without even trying! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have such an amazing family. We are so thankful every day for the two beautiful children we were able to have — thank you! Love

Martin, Erika, Zackery And Taylor P.

Dear Dr. Werthman,

You can file this letter under testimonials, or perhaps under synchronicity. Your medical records no doubt show that on 10 December 1999 you performed upon my person a vasovasostomy. This letter is to inform you that on 10 December 2000, my wife Francis gave birth to a healthy baby daughter who goes by the name on Amy Laurel (photographic proof enclosed). Annie was born weighing 9 pounds 12 ounces, and weighs 11 pounds as I write this (her age being not quite one month) The obvious medical explanation for her size is that the egg was fertilized by a large sperm. And of course, the presence of the large sperm is a testamonial to the quality of your work. But seriously, I am sure that the receipt of this letter from pleased parents is a mundane occurance around your office. Rest assured that Annie’s birth, and the medical expertise that made it possible is viewed in these parts AS ANYTHING BUT. With sincere thanks

Steve V.

Dear Dr. Werthman + Dr. Rothman,

Well it worked! The pipes are a flowing! Charles Thomas was born on July 16th almost a year after Tom’s surgery. Charlie was small, a couple of weeks early- but he’s growing so fast. It’s great to have him around. We are truly blessed to have been referred to you by my godfather Dr. Rafael Tejada. Enclosed is a photo of our little man. Your work is very important. You make such a difference in people’s lives. Thanks for your generosity, expertise and skill. God Bless

Tom And Irene P.

Dr Werthman:

You are amazing! Without you this would never have been possible. We now have the most incredible gift of all….Maxamillian is an absolute Joy! Bill and I are enjoying every second of parenthood. Thank you so much for all of your compassion and incredible medical care. You are such a gifted physician. Sincerely

Bill & Debra S. (Reversal Feb 02)

Dr Werthman & Staff,

We had surgery 6/20/99 and Fallon was conceived 10/99, born July 10,2000. A total miracle Thanks so much for all you have done. We give all our glory to God for all the skill he has given to you. Thanks and God bless

The P. Family

Dear Dr. Werthman

THANK YOU!! My husband had a reversal on May 4, 2000, as you can see it worked. We are so blessed to have had Layne. You are wonderful!!

Rachel And Ron S.

Dr. Philip Werthman,

Thank you for the super job you did for my husband. We conceived 3 months after surgery. Our son weighed 11 lb 7oz, 22” long born in March. Joshua is a healthy baby boy. Sincerely

The Harveys

Dr Werthman,

I apologize for not getting this note to you sooner, but because of your outstanding work we have been busy with the birth of our son Luke Michael Ki. Back in April of 2000 you performed a vasovasostomy on my husband Timothy K in Las Vegas, Nevada. His recovery was a quick one and within 5 months we were pregnant with Luke. I gave birth to Luke on June 28, 2001. I have thought about you often and just wanted to extend my sincere thanks for helping bring our little miracle to life. I have enclosed several pictures of Luke, Tim and I just as a reminder to you of the fruitions of your work! Thank you again! Best Regards

Cary B. K.

Dr. Werthman,

I can not tell you how grateful we are to you and your staff for the way you handled my second reversal. I was a police officer and was kicked in the groin shortly after my first reversal. In June 2000 while recovering from back surgery we came to visit you. Jim was a great help getting us situated and thre for the pre-op visit. You did a vaso-vas and a vaso-epi due to the shortness of my tubes. I had a very high sperm count however the motility was low. I used Proxeed continuously until we became pregnant in May of ‘02. Our son was born in Jan of ’03. When we decided we wanted a 2nd child on the 1st cycle we monitored we became pregnant with our daughter. She was born 5 weeks ago. I know you are a man of science but I feel blessed to have found you and know God has given you a wonderful skill. Thanks again.


Dear Dr. Werthman,

Hello this is John & Rene T., we wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift that we are blessed with. You performed John’s vasectomy reversal last February 2001, 19 years after his vasectomy, and we are pleased to announce the arrival of our little girl, Jodi Michelle T. Thanks again for all your help.

John And Rene T.

Dear Dr. Werthman,

This is our little miracle! Thank you for being the superb surgeon you are. We joyfully announce the birth of our daughter – Marissa Bryn N. 28 February 2001.

Love, Forrest And Maryke

Dear Dr. Werthman,

I was very pleased with the results of the reversal surgery. I felt very little discomfort and pain. The original vasectomy was more painful. I attribute this to the way the surgery was performed with an obvious commitment to care and the well being of the patient. Thank you.

Miguel Rivera.

Dear Phil,

Just wanted to pass on the news that my fiancée Harriet and I have already conceived! I had my operation done back on January 25 or something like that (we’re the couple from London) and we started trying in mid-March — and succeeded that first month! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that all continues to go well, but so far so good. Thanks for the nice work! Best Regards

Casey C.

Dear Dr. Werthman,

Here is another bundle of joy to add to your collection of success stories of a vasectomy reversal which worked. Thank you for the gift of life! You can’t even imagine what it feels like to hold a dream-come-true after ten years of waiting. Thanks

Karin F.

Dear Dr. Werthman,

We want to thank you for everything you have done for us. We wish you all the best in the world. May all of your wishes come true just like ours did. With Love

Yervand, Aganni And Little Sarkis.

Dear Dr. Werthman,

A quick note to say thank you for your instrumental help in “creating” our new daughter. You performed David’s vasectomy reversal in May 2002 and we conceived in June 2003, after David’s vasectomy in 1985 – 17 years! Thank you for your work and the best of luck in the future. All our best

Susan, David & Alexandra A.

Dr Werthman,

Thank you for your skill and practice as it has resulted in the birth of our son, Daniel, on 16 February 2006. You had successfully performed my reversal Sept. 2002. Again thank you for your help.

Cindy And Frank S.

Dear Dr. Werthman,

Thank you so much for performing the procedure on my husband Leslie on 1-17-01. We are so pleased and excited to tell you that I am 8 weeks pregnant! Thank you for your skill, expertise and thoughtful consideration in helping us achieve this beautiful miracle. Fondly

Sarah & Leslie D.

Dr. Werthman,

Thanks for all your help. We have a beautiful baby boy!

Nick & Barbara S.

Dr. Werthman MD,

Thank you for your help in creating our child. Gavin was born in Visalia, California on October 14, 2000.

Chad & Jennifer

Dear Dr. Werthman & Staff,

Well, here I am with my daddy & mommy. I am a whole month old! My daddy & mommy love me with all their hearts & they thank you all very much for helping make me possible. God Bless

Isabella F.

Dear Dr. Werthman & Staff,

Dear Dr. Werthman, This is our little miracle that was made possible with your help. We are truly grateful and wish you continued success! Sincerely

Chuck & Margerita L.

Dear Dr Werthman,

Exactly six months after Rick’s surgery we went on a cruise and 9 1/2 months later came Brooke Melissa. Thank you so much. It never would have happened without you. Thanx again

Rick & Janine A.

Dear Phil,

Thanks again. Rosalie just gave birth to baby number two. Angelina Rose, 7lbs, 4 oz, 20 inches long. Mom and baby are fine. God is Great!

Mark B.

Dr. Werthman,

We just want to express our thanks for completing another successful reversal! Even though you told us it was one of the harder ones you had done. Anna Sofia R. was born April 8, 2006

Tom & Dorata R.

Dr. Werthman,

We just wanted to thank you for helping us accomplish getting pregnant. It seems like it was a long road but it finally happened. It took a year exactly. Thank you so much !!!!!!!

Jeff & Trina G.


Did you receive the last semen analysis we sent? It was pretty much a normal one…. Maru’s period was late and she was feeling strange. Then, 3 positive pregnancy tests later we realized she is pregnant. Probably in the first month (3 weeks). Thank you so much, keep up the great work!!!! Regards

Pregnant In Trinidad, Maru & Dirk

Hello Phil,

Guess what? Your handiwork was a success! Our baby is due Oct.15th! Please reserve a spot on your happiness photo wall!

John & Trudy L.

Dr. Werthman,

Just a note of appreciation…We would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the reversal you performed last April. It took only a few months to conceive , we’re expecting a baby in September. Thank you so much

Clyde & Monique H.

Dear Dr. Werthman,

Thank you very much for your help. On Jan. 29, Nicole Marie was born weighing 8lbs 9oz. She’s the light of our lives. She’s now 41/2 months and is a happy healthy baby. We wouldn’t have had this blessing without your help. We are eternally grateful. Again, thank you!!

Sandra And Jose G.

Dr. Werthman-

Just wanted to let you know Kelly and I had a baby boy on 5/12/08, and everyone’s doing fine. You did my reversal in late 2006, she got pregnant about a year later, and here we are with Ethan Parker Henry. Not bad considering my vasectomy was 17 years earlier! Thanks again, we’re probably one of thousands you have helped.

Richard M. Henry

Dr. Werthman-

Just wanted to let u know, that after my 2nd. reversal, performed by you, that we are expecting…7 weeks now, pretty amazing considering, you could only repair 1 said, the other side was too badly scared and destroyed……Thanks Again.


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