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Is Dr. Werthman board-certified and fellowship-trained?

Yes. Dr. Werthman is certified by the American Board of Urology and fellowship-trained in microsurgery and male infertility. Read more about his expert qualifications.

Is your practice experienced in vasectomy reversal procedures?

Yes. In fact, for more than 30 years the Center for Male Reproduction and Vasectomy Reversal has been exclusively dedicated to vasectomy reversal and treatment of male fertility concerns. We do not practice “general urology.”

What are Dr. Werthman’s vasectomy reversal success rates?

Vasectomy reversal results are typically reported as two percentages. The first is called the patency rate; this covers the percentage of men who experience the return of sperm in the ejaculate after a vasectomy reversal. It means that the operation was technically successful and is commonly known as the vasectomy reversal success rate. Coinciding with the patency rate, the second statistic reported is called the pregnancy rate. The pregnancy rate is always lower than the patency rate because there are many more factors which play a role in getting pregnant, beyond the return of sperm in the ejaculate. The results of microsurgical vasovasostomy from the Vasovasostomy Study Group data (the study quoted by most surgeons when asked about results of vasectomy reversal) are greater than 90% patency if sperm were present in the vasal fluid at the time of surgery and correspond with pregnancy rates up to 76%. Dr. Werthman’s personal results to date are an over 98% patency rate if sperm were present in the vas fluid at surgery. This data is from the last 1000 vasectomy reversals performed by Dr. Werthman. For microsurgical vasoepididymostomy, Dr. Werthman’s patency rate is over 60% and the pregnancy rate is 40%.

How much does a vasectomy reversal cost at CMRM?

Because we offer our patients a top-tier, expert surgeon, the latest technology and operating equipment and support personnel with decades of experience, the reasonable total charge a patient can expect to pay for a vasectomy reversal at CMRM is between $8,500-12,000. While you may see lower costs advertised by other surgeons and clinics around the country, be wary of what you’re getting for the money. When it comes to building your family safely and effectively, you may want to think about what you might be sacrificing by going with the “budget option.”

While we don’t think high-quality reversals can be performed for the $3000 price we often see advertised on the internet, we do understand that this can be a significant financial undertaking for some patients. To help alleviate the burden, we offer attractive financing options through a partnership with Care Credit. Additionally, if you contribute to an Health Savings Account (HSA) you should know that vasectomy reversal is a “Qualified Medical Expense” according to the IRS and your HSA funds can be used for the purpose of paying for your reversal procedure.

Do you offer a fixed-price package?

Yes. We charge the same fees for an uncomplicated vasectomy reversal as we do for a more complicated vasoepididymostomy. We do this because we want patients to be prepared for and advised of all of the costs associated with the procedure before it takes place. CMRM will never send you a “surprise” bill after surgery as can sometimes happen when procedures are performed by surgeons in a hospital or setting where they aren’t able to control costs. Because they require more time on the part of the surgeon and staff, re-do reversals and sperm harvesting procedures are more costly than first-time vasectomy reversal procedures. Please contact our office for more information on the fees associated with these procedures.

How does Dr. Werthman’s technique differ from other urologists’?

Most fellowship trained microsurgeons use a specific and highly specialized technique in performing vasectomy reversals. Use of this technique is an important way for patients to distinguish between trained microsurgeons and general urologists who “dabble” in performing reversals. Dr. Werthman performs a standard two-layer closure of the vas with nylon sutures that are half the thickness of a strand of hair. This technique is shown to be most precise and allows for the best results. Dr. Werthman is able to perform this surgery 30-50% faster than most trained microsurgeons because he has choreographed this operation perfectly so there is no wasted movements. Everything is exact and precise. Dr. Werthman also invented an anesthetic irrigation technique that allows patients to awaken and be completely pain free for many hours after the surgery.

Does Dr. Werthman perform “laser” or “robotic” reversals?

No. These types of vasectomy reversal procedures fall into what Dr. Werthman considers the “gimmick” category and out of concern for the safety of patients, he strongly advises against them. The skilled hands of the trained and experienced microsurgeon remain the best tools for the safe and successful performance of vasectomy reversal.

How many vasectomy reversals has Dr. Werthman performed?

We have lost count over the course of a 20-year career but it is in the thousands and resulted in thousands of beautiful babies born to some of the world’s most joyous, grateful and deserving parents.

Do you help out-of-area patients with accommodations and travel arrangements?

The office staff at the CMRM is knowledgeable about and can assist patients with local accommodations. There are several hotels in the Century City and Beverly Hills area that our patients routinely stay at. We can recommend to you certain pleasantries such as limousine service upon request but the Center cannot provide these to patients directly or offer any “perks” that could be misconstrued as an enticement to come to us for surgery. Doing so would be unethical and raises liability and legal issues with the office of The Inspector General. But, we will do everything possible to help you within our ethical and legal boundaries.

Will Dr. Werthman perform a vasectomy reversal on a vasectomy that is more than 10 years old?

Yes. In fact, Dr. Werthman frequently performs vasectomy reversals on men whose vasectomies are 25-30 years old. He also holds the distinction of helping a man father a child 52 years after his vasectomy. This proves that men can still produce sperm half a century after their vasectomy.

Does Dr. Werthman perform vasectomy reversal revisions or “re-dos?”

Dr. Werthman routinely and successfully performs vasectomy reversal revisions, also known as “re-dos.” In fact, he once performed a reversal on the Tribal King of an island nation who flew a great distance to see Dr. Werthman after undergoing two failed reversals performed in his country of origin. There is a very small group of microsurgeons in the country who fulfill the above criteria and are stellar reversal surgeons. Dr. Werthman is honored to be among them.

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